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Hi! I am Elfje and I started Vroom Vroom Coffee in 2014.  Having lived in NYC for over 15 years, I never quite understood why my birth country Belgium didn’t have coffee on the go.  So many pedestrians but no quality coffee for people on their way to work.  A question I asked myself every single time I was on a visit.  I truly missed getting out of the subway and getting my cup of joe and I was sure that I couldn’t be the only one so I started Vroom Vroom Coffee, convinced that there was a huge gap to fill!


Four years later and Vroom Vroom has become more than a place that sells coffee, it's become a first pit stop for people on their way to work, a daily meeting place for students around the university and an eye catcher at trade shows, exhibitions and conferences,  grouping people together for a nice chat and an opportunity to do business together. 

Every coffee that is being served is served with love and appreciation for our customers.  Our Vroom Vroomers deserve the best and therefore we only work with top-notch products.  Our freshly grind coffee is made from Fairtrade beans that are 100% Arabica. All beverages are served in bio degradable cups, our chocolate drinks are made with real Belgian chocolate and the tea we offer is organic and comes with a sweet message.


Everything at Vroom Vroom Coffee is very well thought out so to serve our customers with coffee and an experience to remember!


Want to enjoy the Vroom Vroom Coffee experience?  Contact us today to get more info for your next event!

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